How to manage fussy dogs at mealtime


How to manage fussy dogs at mealtime

March 20, 2018

Most dogs have a very hearty appetite and aren’t usually known for shying away from food. However, in some cases you may find your dog has suddenly become disinterested in their usual food or has started picking at their meals. Some dogs are simply born fussy eaters, but other times you may notice your once greedy dog has all of a sudden decided they’ve had enough of what you’re feeding them. Typically, this behaviour is nothing to stress over but it is good to familiarise yourself with some tips to try to snap them out of their picky eating habits.

Why are they suddenly off their food?

Palatability is one of the deciding factors in whether or not your dog will eat the food you provide. Smell, texture and taste can all influence your dog’s palate. When looking for the right food for your pet, it is important that they enjoy the product, but it is even more important that they are getting the best possible nutrition from a complete and balanced diet. We’ve reformulated our recipe to make sure more dogs enjoy the taste of our dry food by using high quality ingredients and a precise manufacturing process. We’ve also made improvements to the overall appearance of our kibble by using a new milling process that now gives our kibble a much smoother, premium finish.

Fussy Eating Dogs

Some dogs are fussier than others

If you have a dog that seems a bit precious about what they eat, it may be to do with their breed. While Labradors are one of the few breeds that have a reputation for eating anything they can fit in their mouths, some smaller breeds have a much more refined palette. Generally, a dry food that many dogs are happy to eat won’t entice other dogs. To give these fussy eaters the nutrition they need, a mix of textures and aromas may help.

Fussy Dogs Eating

Try a mixed feeding approach

Wet and dry food both have their benefits. If your fussy dog is fed an exclusively dry diet, you may want to give mixed feeding a go. Some new aromas and a variety of textures can be just what it takes to kick-start their appetite, so switching between wet and dry can be something to try. Wet food gives off an increased aroma, so this can help lure pickier dogs to their food bowls. On top of that, if you’re at all concerned about their water intake, wet food can also give your dog an added hydration boost thanks to its higher moisture levels.

When to take it seriously

If you’ve always known your dog to be fussy, it may not be cause for concern. On the other hand, if your once greedy dog has suddenly stopped eating and can’t be tempted by any type of food, it’s best to head straight to the vet to rule out anything serious. Remember that while dogs can be fussy, they will very rarely choose to go hungry. Some more serious health issues can first show up as a loss of appetite or weight loss, so while it may just be your dog being picky, it’s best to be on the safe side.