Pet Insurance


Pet Insurance

January 15, 2018

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for both you and your pup, however it’s also a time to be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes things happen that you just aren’t expecting. Maybe your new pup decided the rubber ducky in the bath tub would make a delicious snack or you’re playing at the park and your pup trips, hurting their leg. The list of situations is endless with these young adventurers.

It’s all fun and games until someone ends up at the vet! Insuring your pet ensures that there’s no need to panic about the cost of a trip to the vet.

Pet insurance is not just for accidents though. There are various plans available which include cover for illness and some even cover annual fees for checkups and vaccinations. It’s all about deciding which plan works for you.

As the number of pets being insured increases every year, better and better options are becoming available for owner convenience. There are many different types of cover and some offer discounts for multiple pets.

The best time to insure is while your pet is young and healthy. Most companies won’t cover a preexisting issue so it’s important to have insurance before something happens. Other things that will be taken into consideration is the breed and age of your dog. These things can contribute to the cost and the type of plan you may be eligible for.

As much as it pains us pet owners to think about, sometimes our financial situation can be the deciding factor between lifesaving surgery at the specialist and having to say good bye to our furry friend. Unfortunately there is no public health care for pets. Having pet insurance can take away some of that stress by giving you the peace of mind to know if it came to it, you have it covered.

Why not take the time to explore options for your pet’s insurance and see if it’s right for you.