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NEW LOOK. SAME EUKANUBA™ QUALITY. On the Journey to Australian-made

To ensure the ongoing availability of your dog’s Eukanuba™ diet in Australia and New Zealand, Eukanuba™ is beginning to make its dry products in Australia.

Eukanuba™ is part of a global company with products made in dedicated factories around the world. In 2020 we started manufacturing some of our dry products from our Bathurst (Australia) factory, with these diets available in New Zealand from April 2020*.

All the dry recipes which are now made in Australia will come in new-look packaging.


*Timing of availability for Australian-manufactured diets is dependent on individual retailer stock. You’ll recognise the Australian-made products by their new-look packs!


Eukanuba™ Weight Control becomes Eukanuba™ Fit Body!

Eukanuba™ exists to fuel active dogs, helping them and their owners live their best active lives!

To align with this belief, Eukanuba™ Weight Control will become known as Eukanuba™ Fit Body. Bags will change from pink to white as part of this new-look for Eukanuba™.


Eukanuba™ diets that will be made in Australia in 2020

The following Eukanuba™ diets are now manufactured in Australia. If you are feeding your dog one of these diets, please follow the recommended 7-day integration process (see below) for a smooth transition onto the new kibble.

  • Puppy Medium Breed

  • Puppy Large Breed

  • Adult Small Breed

  • Adult Medium Breed

  • Senior Small Breed

  • Senior Medium Breed

  • FIT Body* Small Breed

  • FIT Body* Medium Breed

  • FIT Body* Large Breed

* Eukanuba™ Weight Control is now called Eukanuba™ Fit Body.

What this means for Eukanuba™ dogs and their owners

Some new ingredients have been added to these Eukanuba™ dry recipes that are now being made in Australia. For example, all adult diets now come with an added joint benefit through the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin. This will further help to unleash dogs’ physical capability for peak conditions and activity!

As dogs’ digestive systems are more sensitive than ours, Eukanuba™ recommends the following 7-day feeding transition to the Australian-made products:


When you purchase your first new-look bag, Eukanuba™ recommends undertaking this feeding transition to ensure a smooth transition for your dog onto the Australian-made product.



Q: Where was Eukanuba™ being manufactured before?

A: Eukanuba™ is part of a global company with products manufactured in dedicated factories around the world. Prior to Australian manufacture, these Eukanuba™ dry diets were manufactured in our factory in Aimargues, France.

Q: Will the other Eukanuba™ diets be manufactured in Bathurst, Australia?

A: Eukanuba™ will gradually transition the manufacture of its dry diets to the factory in Bathurst, Australia. The remaining dry diets (Puppy Small Breed, Adult Large Breed and Senior Large Breed) will be manufactured from the Bathurst Factory at a later stage.

Q: What about Eukanuba™ wet diets?

A: Eukanuba™ wet diets will continue to be manufactured and sourced from the United States. The Bathurst Factory is equipped to manufacture dry products only.

Q: Is the product the same?

A: We want your dog to continue being a Eukanuba™ dog. That is why our diets manufactured in Australia have undergone thorough testing to ensure palatability remains the same (and in some cases even better!) as the original recipe.

Our dogs have an acute sense of smell and taste and may detect subtle differences if moving to the Australian-made kibble due to the addition of some new ingredients. Therefore, it’s important to introduce the new kibble gradually over 7-days (as per the above).

However, if your dog doesn’t like the new kibble after following the 7-day transition process, we continue to offer the 100% palatability guarantee across the entire Eukanuba™ range. To access the palatability guarantee the product must be returned to the place of purchase within the original packaging and with more than 50% of the kibble inside.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this change and your dog, our dedicated Consumer Care team are available to help. Contact us:

  • T: 0800 992 001

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  • F: @Eukanuba™NewZealand