New Zealand Working Dogs need:

  • A high energy low volume diet
  • Optimal levels of high quality animal protein
  • High levels of good quality animal fat
  • Carbohydrates for short bursts of energy
  • Omega-3 & Omega-6 to help maintain a healthy skin and coat
  • Dental support with S-shaped kibble and polyphosphates
  • Digestive and joint support

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Why should I feed my dog Premium Performance?

As most farmers know, a good working dog is worth their weight in gold. Whether they are driving sheep or herding cattle, they are hardworking athletes who keep a farm going. It’s not uncommon for them to travel 100km of hill country in a day. To keep these dogs in optimal condition it’s important they are provided with an appropriate diet.

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I’m proud of my dogs, and I want a team that look fit and well, work hard, eat up, then go out and do it all over again. Eukanuba Premium Performance is economical, easy to use, and I always know im getting the very best out of them.

Jed McAlley, Hunterville 


I have a small team of working dogs, therefore it is essential that they have a long and productive working life. Their good health is very important. That is why I find feeding Eukanuba Premium Performance works extremely well and is cost effective for me.

Graeme Grigg, Rotherham



New Zealand Royal Show

Oxford A&P Dog Trials

March 31st 2018



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Bluecliff Dog Trials

Bluecliff Dog Trials

20 January 2018

Wanaka A&P Show

Wanaka A&P Show

9-11 March 2018

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Methven A&P

17 March 2018